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School Uniform

Guidelines :

Students must be clean and tidy in their dress and no student should enter the school (on class days) unless she wears the complete school uniform.

Hair has to be neatly tied up with black ribbons into two plaits, no hair must fall on the forehead. Coloured bands, clips etc not allowed for any class.

Sweater/blazer and scarf must have the student’s name and class marked on them.

Every student must wear her ID card to school daily.

No student shall enter or leave the school premises without proper school uniform.

Classes V – X

The Uniform consists of :
Regular Uniform :

Skirt - Royal Blue (J.C.T Company, shade No.27). No other shade is allowed.
Blouse - White with stiff collar and School Monogram (Quality of the cloth Binny’s white terricotton ‘New Apsara Brand’)
Socks & Shoes - Black Shoes and Shin length white socks.

For P.T., Drill, Games and Group Activity

Skirt - P.T. skirt (approved design available at uniform seller mentioned below)
T-Shirt - House colour ‘T’ shirt with white boarder on sleeves, collar and pocket.The school pattern should be followed strictly
Shoes & Socks- Plain white canvas shoes and white socks (shin length)
Winter - Chilly red sweaters with long sleeves with the School Monogram, Scarf or muffler if used should be of chilly red colour. Leggings are not allowed with uniform. White stockings could be used in place of socks.

Classes XI and XII

Skirt - Dark Navy Blue with fine white checks should be of kneelength. No other shade is allowed.
Approved material available with Uniform seller
Blouse - Light Blue with stiff collar and school Monogram (Quality of cloth Bombay Dyeing).
Shoes & Socks - Black Shoes and White Socks of shin length
Winter - Navy Blue Blazer with School Monogram, white stockings in place of socks. Leggings not allowed with uniform.

Approved Uniform Seller :

Rajbesh, 12 / 3, Selimpur Road, C/O Sayana Boutique, Kolkata 700 031

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