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Examination & Promotion

  • Examinations and Tests are held as indicated in the school calendar. The marks obtained in all the exams are counted towards the aggregate which will determine the promotion to a higher class.
  • For students who are absent for the Tests and Terminal Examinations, no provision is made for supplementary tests.
  • After the 1st and 2nd Term exam, the answer papers will be handed over to the students of classes V - VIII. Classes IX – XII will check the answer papers and return them immediately.
  • Answer papers of the Promotion Examinations will not under any circumstances be shown to the parents.
  • Any student found resorting to unfair means in any examination will be given a zero in the subject and will not be allowed to write the rest of the papers in that examination. Repetition of the same will result in dismissal. Any student who is found tampering with marks in the Progress Report / Examination answer scripts and other school certificates will be asked to leave the school.
  • A student who has made arrangements to obtain unfair help in connection with the question papers from any persons or any agency, the student is liable to have her result in the examination cancelled as a whole. Students who are detected giving or obtaining, or attempting to give or obtain, unfair assistance, or who are otherwise detected in any dishonesty whatsoeverduring the exam will be debarred from the examination.
  • For failed candidates there is no arrangement for ‘Re – examination’ or ‘Promotionon Trial’.
  • No Child will absent herself on the previous day of the exam without a medical certificate.
  • A student who misses an examination may not appear at a later date. Parents are requested never to send their ward to School, when they are ill or recovering from an illness.
  • A minimum attendance of 80% will be required for promotion. Students stay at home under various pretexts. A student will not be allowed to sit for the Terminal examination nor for the Promotion examination if she does not have 80% attendance.
  • For non-attendance at an examination on the reopening or closing day of each term, a ‘zero’ and not ‘absent’, will be marked in the Report Card.
  • In order to be promoted a student should secure a minimum of 40%. In all questions of promotion or failure, the Principal’s decision is final.
  • If a student fails to secure promotion to the next class, parents will please inform the Principal on the second day of the promotion results in writing, whether she will be continuing her studies in this school or not. If not, her name will be struck off from admission roll.
  • All fee concessions of students who fail in any class are automatically cancelled at the end of the year.
  • Students whose academic performance is indifferent or poor in-spite of the effort by the school and / or whenever disciplinary profile is not satisfactory, will not be admitted to the Senior Secondary Section of the school after the Secondary School Examination.
  • On an examination day, a student is expected to attend all the classes throughout the day. Otherwise the test stands cancelled. No student will be allowed to go home after answering a test for any reason whatsoever.Guardians are advised not to send sick students to school especially on examination days.
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