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 News & Notice
An important announcement for Class IX ABC , considering the present situation , the school has decided to keep the students in regular practice through Online based teaching. Kindly create an email address ( format for the email address-student`s name.class sec.roll, )and send your Name , Class , Section , Roll number and email address to for further details. N.B :This email is only for online learning purpose for any other official queries, kindly use the email address given in the school calendar.
Dear parents, Kindly input your ward`s Class ( in Capital Roman eg. VI), Section ( in Capital eg. A), Roll number to proceed further with the Fee payment.
School will remain closed until further notice.
Within thy hallowed portals Carmel dear We learn the truth that casts out fear God is our all, He’s always near Thus inspired with faith and wisdom clear.
Raise then on high the Carmel banner bright To one and all it shall proclaim We stand for truth, for equal rights In prayerful trust and in God’s name.
In dedicated love our duty done And kind concern for every one O Carmel School, of you we proudly sing To you our loyal love we bring.


  Birthday Girl