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▪ School begins with a General Assembly at 8:40 a.m. during which a prayer is recited. Every student should be present for the General Assembly.
The school gate is closed:
At 8:40 a.m. for the students of classes V - X & XI
At 9:20 a.m. for the students of class XII
No student is allowed to enter the campus thereafter.

▪ Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to enter the school premises in the morning once the gate is closed, and parents are requested not to intercede on behalf of their wards.

▪ Students are forbidden to bring to school any kind of electronic equipment, such as mobile phones , I pods, walkman , Cameras , hand video games , video cameras , DVD's , CD's , Pen Drives, Portable Audio and Video devices , cassette players , any mass storage devices , books , periodicals , newspapers of printed matter of an objectionable nature , on a day - to - day basis. A cassette player or a CD player may be brought to school only for practice for a school programme / concert, and will be used under the supervision of the class teacher/ teacher in charge.

▪ A strict code of uniform is to be followed. Students must be neatly dressed and wear clean, knee-length socks. they are not allowed to wear any jewellery nor will they use mehendi. Nails are to be trimmed and no nail polish of any kind will be entertained.

▪ Visitors are not allowed to interview the teachers in their respective class rooms or in the staff room during the teaching hours. They may do so out of class hours, having made an appointment.

▪ The use of mobile in the School Premises and in the class rooms is strictly prohibited. If a student is found using a mobile, it will be confiscated and will not be given back to the student or to the parent and the user will be severely penalized.

▪ On an examination day, a student is expected to attend all the classes throughout the day. Otherwise the test stands cancelled. No student will be allowed to go home after answering a test for any reason whatsoever. Guardians are advised not to send sick students to school especially on examination days.

▪ Class excursions, Guide camps, exposure programmes and workshops are a part of our school curriculum. Therefore every student will participate in these activities. They are compulsory activities for the students of Carmel High School.

▪ It is the policy of the school, as a rule , to discourage private tuition. A student should be able to progress in her work as a result of good teaching. The students are strictly not allowed to take tuitions from their own school teachers.